Health Insurance Agents

Looking for the following?

• Individual PPO Plans
• Health Insurance for 1099 contractors (list bills available)
• Affordable Small Group Health Insurance
• Statewide & Multi State Products
• Plans that cover pre-existing conditions outside of open enrollment
• The ability to personalize health coverage around each of your clients

The Solution

• Proprietary Individual & Group Insurance Products & Services
• Proven Approach to writing Small Groups, Individuals, & 1099 Contractors.
• Turnkey Enrollment & Billing Platform.
• Insurance & Product Training
• Sales & Business Development Training
• Level Compensation
• Earn Overrides

What’s makes us better?

First, unlike any other Health Insurance Organization, we help you close deals. That’s right. Our staff will work with you to present the solutions we feel make the most sense for your unique client. All we ask is for you to identify the prospect in need so we can get to work.

Second, we are a benefits wholesaler & administrator, this means you not only can get top compensation from us; but also gain access to proprietary Products & Services you cannot get anywhere else.
We are committed to providing you with an unfair competitive advantage to help grow your agency & create a reoccurring revenue stream that propels your business to the next level.

Contact us today! We are here to help you have your best year in the next 120 days, and have a little fun along the way.

One of our many solutions in small group insurance we offer.

We pride ourselves in being creative and personalized to meet our clients needs.


"I have written quite a few clients with the products and services offered by USA Health Plans over the years. The ability they give me and my team of agents to single enroll and single bill multiple different products from different carriers has allowed us to have a lot of success and generate great income. They have also been very willing to listen to new product recommendations throughout my time with them and have placed some of those products on their platform. "

Sean Rekemeyer

“I have been with USA Health Plans for about 6 years. I have written both group and individual products with them. Their ability to stay up to date in the market as well as their ability to service their members and agents is second to none. I have and will continue to put trust in USA Health Plans and look forward to many more years of doing business with them.”

Larry Spier

“Although my days of writing insurance are in the review mirror, USA Health Plans has been a great home for many of the downline agents who have worked in my hierarchy throughout the years. They have not only provided many of them a great home to plug into but have also provided me the hands-free ability to continue to generate revenue from the hierarchy I spent a lifetime building.”

Rick Rust

“I have spent my entire career in estate planning. I have never been a health insurance specialist. USA Health Plans has been a great organization to partner with and have made it very easy for me to provide health benefits to my clients. They take all the guess work out of it for me and have made it very easy for me to address one of the largest expenses affecting my clients. I simply provide them the details of my client and they tell me which solution to provide. I have also personally insured our business with group health insurance from them.”

Mark Miller

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